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How to keep distractions away during Jee preparation.

Hello guys, a lot of us are affected from this word distraction. Distraction could be of any type like smartphones, too much friends, etc.

So when we start studying we think “ohh let’s watch a funny video for mood refreshing” and then we lost our precious time in these things which make no sense.

So here are some tips to keep distractions away.

1. It’s just a mind game

Let me share my experience,

During my jee preparation, everytime when i think about start studying i think it’s gonna very boring. So i start using smartphones instead of studying because it is the programming of our mind that studies are boring. But when I start to study (because of low battery of smartphones or any other reason) it doesn’t make me bored. I start enjoying studies.

So as the time passes i start observing that it is just a mind game.

So i personally suggest you that force yourself to sit and study for at least 15 minutes. you start noticing that you’re enjoying your studies

If this is not working follow other tips.

2. Meditation

Meditation is also a technique through which you can stop being distracted.

Sometimes when we are studying suddenly a thought strikes our mind which could be any thing like i have to watch that series or i have to talk to that friend etc. Then you start thinking about that instead of studying.

So to overcome this problem meditation can help. It helps to focus on studying and you will be completely in present.

If this tip is not helping you follow other tips.

3. Set Goals start rewarding

It’s easy to say that set goals and give yourself a reward when you achieve that goal. But in practical life it is not easy for everyone.

So here is my experience that how i use this method.

I told my roommate that he change my mobiles password and don’t tell me until i solve 100 questions or complete my homework, etc. So when he told me my phones password it was like a reward for me.

Through this technique i can easily follow this method

In simple words i made my distraction my reward.

You also can make your own such methods study.

I Hope that this post helped you. There are many other ways to stop distracting. But they are not practical. So i don’t include them. If you have any doubt or any views about this post let me know in comments. Share this post with your friends.

Thank you

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