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Why you are not a topper?

Hello guys everyone wants to be a topper of class. But their is only one topper. So do you want to know what is the difference between you and topper. These are some difference


Topper revise chapters regularly. But when you study a chapter you don’t look at it again and what’s happen. When you try to solve any basic question of that chapter, you got struck.

So to overcome this problem you should revise a chapter regularly. Means you should revise it after one week then after one month then after three months. Once you revise a chapter for three times you are able to solve its any problem any time.

Don’t be panic

After studying a chapter when you try to solve it’s question and you won’t be able to solve the questions. You start thinking that the chapter is tough you should skip it. But actually topper’s don’t skip any chapter.

So don’t skip chapters.

But what about the questions which are not solving. It’s solution is their….

Give up too early

When a question is not solving you skip that question means you give up.

But topper’s never give up. So always keep 5times rule in your mind. Means if tried a question and it is not solved by you try after an hour, if still not solved try after 2 hours and try that question for at least five times.

If still the question is not solved then see next tip

Ask doubts regularly

If you are not been able to solve a question after trying that a lot of time, ask it from your teachers. Because if you don’t ask doubt, it could lead to an conceptual problem. So ask your doubts regularly.

Hope that this post help you in your preparation. Sharing is caring. Please share this post with your frnds and if you want any other tip let me know in comments and to get updates of our latest post follow us.

Thank you

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