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Best smartphone apps for a student

Hello guys, in this post i am going to tell you about three best apps which can help you in your jee preparation.

Forest app

If you are not been able to study consistently because of your mobile addiction then this app is for you.

In this app you have to set a timer for the number of hours you want to study without using smartphone. If in between you want to use mobile you have to click on give up in this app. On completing every task you got a tree.

You should try this app because this really works.


If you want to connect with an student community then this is the best app. In this app you will find you can ask your doubts, resolve others doubts, practice questions, find motivation.

This app provides platform for a students to compete and help other students all across the country.


This app can help you in learning any concept through visualisation. This app provides more than 1000 video lectures.

If you have any problem in any concept just come to this app and learn what you want. This app got lot of award and more than 5 million students trust this app.

So I hope that this post will help you in your jee preparation. Sharing is caring. Please share this post with your frnds and if you have any question let me know in comments and to get updates of our latest post follow us.

Thank you

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