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[PDF] Download Physical Chemistry books For free

Hey guys below is the PDF of physical Chemistry books of N. Avasthi, P. bahadur and O.P. tondon


Narendra Awasthi

Click here to buy narendra avasthi

Click here to get Narendra Avasthi book pdf

O.P. Tondon

Click here to buy OP Tondon

Click here to get O.P tondon book PDF

P. Bahadur

Click here to Buy the Book

Click here to get P. bahadur book PDF

R.C. Mukherjee

Click Here to buy the Book

I hope that these pdf will help you in your preparation. Please share this post with your friends and if you want pdf of any other book please comment it below.

Thank you

22 thoughts on “[PDF] Download Physical Chemistry books For free

    1. We have to take down the PDF of RC Mukherjee book due to copyright issues. The book is now not available anywhere on the internet.


  1. Thank u so much for supporting the student by providing such supportive books to us . Sir u r doing a very wonderful work for student like us , who r financially weak .

    Thank u sir million of times

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  2. Sir thank you so much it is really very helpful for us
    People are not thanking you and just asking to add another book but I consider your work life-changing for students like us thank you so much

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  3. Sir this is one of the best website for us sir we got all our materials except inorganic chemistry by sudharshan guha sir please upload this book we will very mindful to you


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